I had the best of intentions...
If you've given into temptation and done something you vowed not to do, it doesn't mean you're a loser or a failure. It just means you had a slip and hopefully will try harder next time.
Walking In Ocean County
Where is your favorite place to walk in Ocean County? Are you a Mall walker or do you prefer a scenic nature trail? Maybe you have a favorite park or a local track. Some might use a treadmill at home or in the gym.
Whichever you choose, if walking is part of your daily routine, you are in luck...
Memories of School Lunch
It's National School Lunch Week...we say, "Thank you to all the lunch ladies and lunch men!"  Mine in my elementary school were so nice!
May Equals Asparagus
It's a month of warmth (hopefully) after a cold winter.  We start seeing more and more flowers blooming, it's National Bar-B-Que Month, National Egg Month and National Hamburger Month.  May is also National Asparagus Month.  That favorite green veggie that most people love, …