You have to have noticed that the holiday season gets pushed earlier and earlier every year. My local drugstores had Christmas sections set up at least two weeks before Halloween, when we still had some temperatures well into the 60s. Has it worked?

Obviously, the goal is for retailers to get us to think about (and start) our holiday shopping earlier.

They want us to see the decorations and think, "uh oh! It's almost the holidays, I'd better start shopping!".

Of course the big crunch comes as we get closer to Black Friday and the huge sales and advertising pushes. But even Black Friday is getting extended these days, with "pre-Black Friday" sales, stores opening ridiculously early, or just straight up not closing at all from the day before and keeping their doors open (and employees working) all night long.

So is it working? Have you started your holiday shopping yet or are you waiting for it to get closer to December? Tell us in the comments!