To me there is nothing better then snuggling with my family.  My family including my little lady bug 7 year old daughter and our 2 dogs. 

But I was thinking sitting here tonight at midnight while everyone is nestled into bed, under the covers looking so warm--a very quiet house.  This is the time us as parents wait for.  The kids asleep and it's our turn to watch TV or read a book..maybe talk on the phone and catch up on the things that maybe we missed during the day or in the week.  I have this chair in my house that I love to sit in at night when it is quiet.  I love reading magazines so that's my choice.  It's my peaceful's a time to reflect and remember the hectic day, the fun radio job with Shawn, the kisses I get from my dogs and the wonderful hugs I get from Abby.

Besides waking everyone up in the house at 3:30 am and basically saying, "Good Morning" in my happy voice that makes me smile EVERYDAY, this is a great peaceful time of the day!

What is your nighttime routine when you put the kids to bed?  What's your peaceful moment?