Okay, I'm kind of obsessing about fun now that I failed at my attempt at having some during the snow storm.  (See yesterday's blog post.)

I guess I just have to acknowledge that there are different types of fun for different types of people.  And different ages of people of course.

I generally have fun when I'm catching up with friends and family.  I enjoy going to concerts and plays.  I get great joy out of dancing and that's why in recent years I've been doing more of that.  Even in my living room, I'll put on a few of my favorite songs and have my own private dance party.  It makes for a good workout, also!

This weekend the fun I'm planning will involve a dinner party at my friend's house.  What WON'T be fun for me is doing my taxes.  Groan.

But back to the topic of fun.  What are YOU planning to do this weekend that will be fun for you?  If you don't have time for fun this weekend, what have you lined up for the near future?

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