I've always been fascinated by the differences between different regions, especially accents. Recently, a dating site asked which group of Americans has the sexiest accents?

36% of the respondents pointed to the Southern drawl as the most attractive accent.

2nd place went to the New York accent, and New Jersey came in 5th place.

But here's my problem with the whole thing - there's a big difference between a New York City accent and a Buffalo, NY accent. North Jerseyans enjoy their "cawfee" while South Jerseyans enjoy a shower with nice, hot "wooder". So I think it's a bit misleading to generalize "New York accents" and "New Jersey accents" without being more specific.

But I can say this - the Boston accent kind of grates on me (sorry, Eastern New Englanders!). Although, it's hard to say where that would come out on the survey, "New England" got 10.5% of the vote but, again, there's a big difference between a Boston accent and the speaking style of someone from Maine.

So what American accent do you find to be the most attractive? Let us know in the comments!