Wednesday was a simply beautiful February day and a perfect time to take a ride over the bridge to Seaside Heights. Although it’s off-season there was a bunch of activity. You can tell we are getting closer to March and spring. There just seemed to be a flurry of activity and projects, which to me are geared towards the upcoming summer season. We are all hoping we are closer to normal by summer and able to get outside and enjoy beach towns like Seaside Heights. We NEED it this summer 🌞

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So back to the matter at hand: I wanna see if our listeners know what this construction project is going to be when finished. I did some looking online but didn’t find any answers. The construction is set up by the boardwalk near Porter Avenue. Any idea what it will be? It’s definitely going to add something to the boards there in Seaside Heights.

While I was out and driving about the Heights, I saw lots of workers out cleaning, building, and painting area hot spots, and like I said it’s gotta be for the summer season. Any idea what? Please share your insight with us, we always appreciate listeners being involved and caring for their neighborhoods. It was very nice to see sunshine and activity in Seaside Heights. It's a sure sign that better weather is coming.

Shawn Michaels


Shawn Michaels


Ready for a safe and sunny summer season here at the Jersey Shore? I plan to get outdoors and exercise and get that FREE vitamin D lol.


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