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It is almost "officially" Summer and with that the possibility of kids returning to "Summer Camp". The question is when and if with the COVID 19 Crisis.

In a recent Patch  article it was outlined , we wanted to brake it down to make it easier for Parents & Grandparents to understand the latest on "Day Camps".

  • In New Jersey youth summer camps may be permitted to operate on or after July 6th, provided that they comply with the COVID-19 Child Care and Youth Summer Camp Standards and other applicable statutes, regulations, and Executive Orders.
  • However .... in New Jersey residential and overnight camps are prohibited from operating.
  • In New Jersey ....Youth summer camps that want to operate on or after July 6 must submit an attestation to the Department of Health no later than 24 hours prior to the anticipated opening date, attesting that they will follow all applicable health and safety standards, as detailed in the COVID-19 Youth Summer Camp Standards.
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