Day camp is a huge part of Summer for many children (myself included when I was a kid). 

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Mike Krenek, from our sister station 105.7 the Hawk, shared the news that Brick Township Day Camp will be returning in August. The article states that camp will run for only 4 weeks, M-F from 9 am - 2 pm, and that campers will be divided by age group (4-7 and 8-13). The article also mentions that parents who are interested in registering their kids can do so on July 3rd, but, it's a first come first serve basis and the number of campers will be limited. Registration can be done on the Brick Township Parks and Rec website.

As a kid, I always looked forward to going to camp. We did lots of activities (dancing, singing, gymnastics) and my Mom probably still has one of the many lanyard keychains I made somewhere. Although it seems that camp is cut in half this summer, I still think it's great for children to have some form of socialization and activities to keep them occupied. For many kids, a shorter summer camp is probably the closest feeling they'll get to having a "normal" summer.

In addition to camps, other activities have been opening in NJ again, such as outdoor dining, and salons, and some retail stores! I hope everyone can enjoy these things with taking precautions to remain safe.

Diana Tyler
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