I'm really looking forward to Sunday.  With no real interest in football, I'm planning to spend the day doing something fun, and/or relaxing.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do but I thought we could explore some options together.  Think of it as a way of helping all the Ocean County residents who don't want to spend the evening watching sports.

So what could we do while most everyone else is focused on the game?  Some options I'm considering:

  • Prepare my tax stuff for the accountant.  It's not fun but it would feel really good to get that wiped off my to-do list.
  • Sort through a huge box of family photos that I found.
  • Go shopping.  Betcha there will be plenty of good parking spots available!
  • Open up that coloring book I got 2 birthdays ago.  It could be a good day to get in on the Adult Coloring trend.
  • Clear out old e-mails and unsubscribe from those messages that I really never read.
  • See a movie that's nominated for an Academy Award.  The Oscars are Feb. 26th.

Okay, those are some of MY ideas.  Please share some of YOURS.  What are you going to do instead of watching the Big Game?  Do you know of any places in Ocean County that are hosting a Ladies' Night or anything for us non-sporty folks?


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