It's true, a delicious bakery at a gas station in New Jersey, only in New Jersey.

I had to ask friends about this and if they've ever been there. To my surprise, a whopping YES, several times is what I've heard. What?

Why haven't I ever heard of this bakery and the fact that it's at a gas station? It's right here at the Jersey Shore, Monmouth County.

This bakery is located in West Long Branch, just a couple miles from the ocean. The crazy thing about this bakery, if you don't need gas, you will pass right by it.

google maps
google maps

According to, this bakery offers an authentic Brazilian café featuring sandwiches, classic recipes, and pastries. states, it's not to be missed.

The bakery is called Busy Bee Roasters Coffee Shop. It literally sits on the property of Gas Land gas station.

Busy Bee Roasters Coffee Shop is located at 71 Rt. 36 in West Long Branch. When you hear Brazilian Café, here's what you can expect, from their Facebook page:

How delicious do these all look. And the coffee that they have, I've heard it's spectacular. To think if you didn't need gas, you missed this place all these years.

Here's the funny thing, my husband works in West Long Branch and the Long Branch area and I bring this up to him. He says, "YES, they're so good." He's known about this and never told me about this. What is he thinking? He loves their muffins. And, as you can imagine, he says the smell when you walk in to Busy Bees is unbelievably good.

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