On Saturday I was not feeling well so I took a break from chores and errands and just let myself have some down time.  I alternated between napping, and watching episodes of Gilmore Girls.

I’ve only had Netflix for a week but I’m already loving it.  With access to a wide range of movies and TV show, it can pretty much play anything you’re in the mood for.  And because I was feeling sick, I was in the mood for something that would lift my spirits   The story of Rory and her mother Lorelei Gilmore fit the bill, along with all of the quirky townsfolk from Stars Hollow.

I realized there are some TV shows that I’ll watch repeat episodes of.  It’s usually because there’s a familiarity that feels good on a rainy day, sick day, stressed day, etc.  Gilmore Girls is one of my go-to “feel  good” shows along with Parenthood, Big Bang Theory, and, The Brady Bunch. It's important to note that I'm not one to watch movies twice (except for "Grease") but the no-repeats rule clearly does not apply to my TV viewing.

What television shows are you inclined to watch again and again?  Please share in the Comments section below.