Last night on "The Voice," coach Kelly Clarkson mentioned she named her car Keaton.  The reason is, she's a big fan of Michael Keaton's performance as "Batman."  I wonder if she knew that today is National Name Your Car Day.

It is, so I'm curious if you have a name for your vehicle (past or present.)  My first two cars got names based on the dealership they came from.  Because of the sticker that had the dealer's name on it, the Buick was called Larry and the Ford was called Byrnie.

Those are boring names compared to all the famous cars we know from movies and TV.  Remember Herbie The Love Bug?  KITT from Knight Rider?  Bandit from Smokey and the Bandit?  And who can forget that evil car "Christine" from the film based on the Stephen King book?

Let's hear the names of cars parked in Ocean County right now.  What do you call your automobile?