The recent changes to the ShopRite in Lacey have me confused, along with many others.

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Recently, I had to run into the ShopRite in Lacey. ShopRite is right along Rt. 9, the Lacey Mall, in the TJ Maxx shopping center. The ShopRite changed all their isles around. I'm not even kidding. There wasn't one aisle that looked familiar.

I was talking to Erica from Lanoka Harbor in line and she was telling me they had to do it because of different restrictions in the store? I don't know all the rules of the grocery store. Also, I heard they just wanted to change it up. Maybe, just maybe, next time you decide to change around the "whole" grocery store, do it in sections. It might help.

Sue Moll
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I had to run in and grab bread, but whoops, I find myself in the soup aisle. It doesn't make sense.

Moms and Dads are busy. How many times do we run into the grocery store for that one thing and we know exactly where it is. Now, people are scrambling.

One thing, although I get your outrage, please don't take it out on grocery store workers. It's not their fault. I know and totally understand the frustration, it's the worst. And, right now with Covid-19, the grocery store is the most fun place to be.

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I asked several listeners that frequent that ShopRite in Lacey what they thought, here's what some of them said:

Shannon in Lanoka Harbor - It's horrible

Megan in Forked River - Maybe it will help with some of the confusion in there.

Jamie in Berkeley Township - I used to run in on my way home from work and now I can't, I don't know where anything is.

We all have a routine and if our routine is thrown off the whole day is thrown off, stay calm, hopefully, it will get easier for all of us.



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