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Thanksgiving is just days away and now we are focusing on the fantastic "side dishes" that make or break our Thanksgiving feast. We "talked turkey" but now we are talking stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, string bean casserole, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and more.

According to an article by Zippia, which was discussed by Diana Tyler recently....the most popular "side dish" in New Jersey is "stuffing" which happens to be my favorite side as well. Zippia analyzed google searches to tabulate the most popular "side" for each state.

Stuffing is my favorite hands down. In fact it can eat stuffing hot or cold with or without gravy on a plate or in a sandwich. Stuffing is the best on Thanksgiving. Following stuffing I would have to pick green bean casserole, mac & cheese and corn as my runners up. FYI any of the "runners up" can go onto my sandwich recipe as an additional garnish (see below)

Shawn's Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich: stuffing, sliced turkey and cranberry sauce on bread 

According to the findings, "mashed potatoes" were most popular with ten state's ranking it number one! "mac & cheese" was tied for second with "green bean casserole" with seven state's loving it. Stuffing was ranked tops by six state's .... although is "dressing" and cornbread dressing" basically the same thing? Louisiana and Alabama loved those dishes.

Some other interesting finds ... New Hampshire is only state that loves cranberry sauce the most. Maine likes their "side salad" best. Kentucky loves "broccoli casserole" while Florida loves "sweet potato casserole".

What is YOUR favorite side dish for Thanksgiving? Let us know and enjoy your dinner.

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