Earlier this week we talked about America's favorite snack foods and I mentioned my love for Martin's potato chips. It's one of those regional brands, though that you have to stock up on when you're traveling.

A few of my other "away from home" favorites:

Persians - From what I can tell, these are hyper-local: it's a cinnamon roll type doughnut but, instead of being glazed, it's frosted on top and covered in crushed peanuts. I've only ever seen them in Eastern Wisconsin. If you know of anywhere else that they're available, let us know in the comments!

Cheese curds - I've spoken of my love of cheese curds before. If you've not familiar, the name alone might put you off, but they're truly one of the greatest food inventions ever. If you like cheese, you'll love cheese curds.

So before we've talked about what foods you miss when you're away from home...but now I want to know, what foods do you make a point to stock up on and bring home when you travel? Comment below and let us know!