Elf on the Shelf is something I first heard about 6 years ago.  Friends would tell me stories of all the wacky places he showed up.  Then I started to see photos of their elf.  And everyone else's elves.  Facebook suddenly got flooded with pics of these pesky but lovable creatures.

Not having any kids of my own, I enjoy this holiday tradition through the eyes of my friends.  One elf I'm kind of obsessed with is Kevin who visits my friend Mary in California.  That guy gets into some wacky situations!  As you can see in the photo, he makes and eats microwave popcorn.  He's stuffed himself into a roll of toilet paper and rolled down the staircase.  Once Mary found him on her car's windsheild.  Kevin is so awesome, he even has his own hashtag!  #TheAdventuresOfKevinTheElf.

So let's hear about YOUR Ocean County elf.  What is its name and what kind of mischief does it get into?




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