One of my favorite things to do is head to Atlantic City to the casinos.

There is nothing like the excitement of hearing the bells ringing and I only wish the quarters would still spit out, I loved that sound at the casinos.

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So many of my friends love it just like me, but it's funny our husbands to not like it as much as we do. Maybe it's the money spending on the machines. We play the penny machines, but those penny machines turn into a lot more than pennies going into the machine.

This is crazy when I first heard about this.

Jun Getty Images
Jun Getty Images

Recently, there was a funny little story about how the casinos in Atlantic City run oxygen through the air vents, to keep us playing more. Is this true?

Does Atlantic City pump oxygen through the casino air vents to keep us playing longer?

It's one of the urban legends that I've been hearing about for a while now and the answer is absolutely not.

Thanks to, they know the answer is totally false because, there's just not a reason for them to do it. The casinos would not pump oxygen into the casino because it's a fact that it's a flame accelerant and there are always smokers on the casino floor in designated smoking areas.

And, also from the article, casinos have added good air filtration systems to make their air as clean as they possible can for non-smokers. Atlantic City casinos still aloud smoking on the casino floors, only in designated smoking areas. But, you can still smell smoke no matter where you go.

So, the answer is a BIG false. Casinos do not pump oxygen in their air vents to keep us playing more so we don't fall asleep.

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