SAN FRANCISCO — It should be a better day for Wells Fargo customers, as most of the company's services will be available Friday after a nationwide outage.

Frustration was high for customers who could not use Wells Fargo's credit cards, ATMs, website, or app on Thursday due to a power outage at a server facility. The company did not disclose the location of the facility. The Lake Johanna, Minnesota Fire Department told CNBC that a "fire suppression system" was set off around 6 a.m. and was notified by the bank at 10 a.m.

A Facebook post by the department blamed dust from construction.

In messages on its Twitter account on Thursday, the bank, with 270 branches and 467 ATMs in New Jersey, said it was a "contained issue" and not a cybersecurity event.

The country's fourth-largest bank said in a release issued Thursday night that all of its ATMs and bank branches were operational. Customers can use their Wells Fargo credit and debit cards to make purchases and get cash.


Mobile and online banking systems are operational but some features may be unavailable, such as consumer credit card and mortgage balances.

The bank said any fees incurred because of Thursday's problems will be "reversed."

Angry customers took to Twitter to vent about the problems they encountered.

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