Today is a reality check for the many who were off from school and work last week as part of spring break.  While Disney probably had a very New Jersey feel to it you did not have to go away from home to enjoy summertime weather and local beaches looked like it was July and not April.  By the way who would believe we’d have better beach weather at the Jersey Shore than in Fort Lauderdale?

Part of the reality check is indeed the weather which now resembles more what mid-April should be like.  You can probably put away the summer clothes for a while because it will likely be a couple of months before we experience a stretch like we did last week.  It was simply amazing and it felt great!

When my children were younger spring break was something we looked forward to every year.  For some time we had a condo in Surfside Beach, South Carolina and it was pretty much our go-to every April.  We often drove through the night on the last day of school and it was such a thrill to arrive the next morning where it might be 25 degrees warmer.  In a matter of hours we might be in the pool and vacation mode began to set in.  A week or so later you left with a tan (or sunburn) and it was back home where the temperature might drop by 25 degrees.

So for many who were away or just had time off its back to the routine today.  The good news is it is the middle of April and warmer days have arrived as spring settles in.  The better news for students and teachers is the end of the school year is only two months away and then it’s the long summer break.

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