Did you see Wawa tease an exciting announcement this morning? I sure did. You'll probably be shocked to find out that this isn't an item you'll find on the menu.

Wawa's Big Tease

You could tell Wawa had something up its sleeves...or maybe socks, since yesterday morning. Our favorite convenience store posted a graphic of a sneaker print with the caption "No caption necessary," which got us wondering what that could possibly mean.

The Clues Get Clearer

This morning, the hoagie gurus dropped some clearer hints - this time, it was their logo made out of shoelaces, and a sneaker box that said: "something fun for your next Wawa run." Would Wawa really release a shoe line? Anything is possible, and according to the hint's caption, I was going to check out their Instagram at noon to find out what exactly was going on.

How You Can Get Wawa's New Sneakers

And the special announcement was indeed a pair of Wawa sneakers. They're really cute - red and white with the store's logo and blue laces. Plus they say Wawa Run on the side. BUT there's a catch. These Wawa kicks, as the kids say (they do say that, right?) are not for sale. You have to WIN them, and you can on Wawa's Instagram.

Now I know we at the Jersey Shore are some of the biggest Wawa fans out there, so I'm hoping I spot one of you in these Wawa Run sneakers! Will you be entering?

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