What would we do without our beloved Wawa?

Early mornings, late nights, and every time in between, we can always count on Wawa for coffee, snacks, and even meals.

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Lately, Wawa has been getting adventurous with its new offerings.

Last year when I heard that they were introducing hamburgers and french fries to the menu, I honestly thought, "yeah, good luck."

But, "never knock it until you've tried it." Well, I did try it, and you know what it wasn't bad.

Is it a juicy Burger 25 burger? No. But, it hit the spot.

The fries were so-so, but still not horrible.

One of my co-workers posted about noticing an option on the touchscreen for street tacos.

The next time he went to the same Wawa, the option was gone.

Out of curiosity, he did some digging and found that select Wawas are indeed testing street tacos.

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Several on Reddit confirmed this including a screenshot of the menu.

But, that's not all.

NJ.com is reporting that two Pennsylvania Wawas are currently testing oven-fresh pizzas. They plan on pushing pizza into 25 additional locations eventually. No word on where those Wawas will be.

Remember a while back when Wawa rolled out pizzas?

I gave them a try, and, eh. Do recall how doughy they were? They were on the menu and gone in a flash.

It seems that Wawa is giving it another go.

These new pizzas are made to order and put right into the oven. Unlike in the past, these are full size.



Plus, you can get more than just a plain. The two test stores are offering pepperoni, veggie, and chicken barbeque.

They range in price from $14.99-$17.99.

The reviewer from NJ.com posted a picture of the pie and it looked like something you would get at one of the chains, but he didn't hate the taste.

Wawa is the best chain ever, but these are pretty awesome, too.

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