In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I was doing some heavy research to find where to go for the best margaritas at the Jersey Shore.

Along the way, I came across the Asbury Park staple known as Watermark.

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I have been to this bar and restaurant and they serve some of the most amazing cocktails at the Jersey Shore.

But while digging for information on their margaritas, I found this:

Nicole Murray
Nicole Murray
Nicole Murray
Nicole Murray

Watermark offers an entire drink menu dedicated to low-alcohol drinks and drinks with no alcohol whatsoever.

THIS. IS. GENIUS. And for a few reasons.

Consistently ordering Lyfts and Ubers can be very expensive and it will really rack up over time.

The cheaper, more common option is to have a designated driver.

That driver may still want to enjoy a "mocktail" of some sort so they don't feel left out.

"Well, why don't they just order a soda?" 

Because KAREN, sometimes people who don't want to go crazy still want to feel fancy by ordering a bougie Strawberry Fizz, for example, in a pretty glass!!!

Plus if everyone else is getting bougie cocktails, why should the designated driver lose out on getting that high-class experience?!

They shouldn't.....

And there are many other scenerios that this idea can apply to.

Maybe you are meeting up with friends and don't want to drink. Maybe you are about to sit down for a business lunch. Maybe you are someone who CAN'T drink.

Well have bougie options too.

One of the other major advantages of this type of menu is affordability.

These drinks are made with very specific ingredients and are blended to taste delicious and refreshing as you overlook the Asbury Park boardwalk and beach.

But a typical cocktail at the Jersey Shore -- especially while in season -- usually costs $14.00 and up. Again....that adds up.

These drinks range between $5.00 to $8..00 each so it is much easier to avoid your tab going out of control.

All Jersey Shore restaurants should implement a similar menu option just like Watermark.

Safety. Affordability. I just don't see a downside here.

And by no means am I saying to have this menu should replace your regular drink menu. But the more options you offer, the more appealing you are to customers.

Check out all Watermark has to offer on their website!

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