Today has been a crummy, cloudy, snowy day, but don't let that make you think that early Wednesday's "Super Blue Blood Moon" is going to be a miss!

With a close "Super Moon", a 2nd full moon in January triggering a "Blue Moon", and a lunar eclipse's "Blood Moon" all coming together, early Wednesday morning will feature an event not seen in North America since 1866.

As we get into late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, the clouds that have stuck around all day should clear out and make it possible to see the show from right here in Ocean County.

We won't see a total eclipse here in Ocean County, but it'll be pretty darn close. The eclipse starts about an hour and a quarter before sunrise, beginning early Wednesday morning, at 5:51am.

The sun rises at 7:05 on Wednesday morning, so you should be able to see at least a good amount of the eclipse before it gets too light out.

The next lunar eclipse that we'll be able to see from here isn't for another year, so if you're not already up by 6am, tomorrow could be a good day to set the alarm a little earlier than usual!

You can click here to check out a great guide for watching the lunar eclipse from right here in Ocean County, including an animation and specific times for different phases of the event.


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