Only three weeks ago, we kicked off 2018 with the closest full moon of the year. You might remember how big and bright the "supermoon" was on the night of New Year's Day.

Starting the month with a full moon also means that the next full moon, on January 31st, will be a "blue moon".

Add to that the fact that next Wednesday will also feature a lunar eclipse, and we'll get an incredibly rare celestial event.

In what some are dubbing a "super blue blood moon", we'll have all three events; an unusually close moon, a 2nd full moon in a month, and a lunar eclipse, all happening within 24 hours.

The last time that North America had all three at the same time was March 31, 1866.

As long as we don't have cloudy weather, we should be able to see the event right here in Ocean County!

You can read all about what to look for, and when and how to catch the super blue blood moon by clicking here for Accuweather, and here for


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