Coming up on Monday, head on over to the softball field at Toms River High School South and see our very own office softball team take on the Toms River Police's team!

Not only will you have a chance to help out the Toms River Police Foundation, who will be selling t-shirts at the game, but the likelihood of comedy is high.

I love baseball, so any opportunity to pick up a bat and throw a ball around is great by me. But suffice to say that the last time we had an office softball team about 10 years ago, things didn't exactly go great.

We got beaten by a team made up of BlueClaws staffers.

We got beaten by the Exit 82 Theatre Company team.

Those are the two games that I remember the most clearly. Honestly, there could have been more games, but I've clearly blocked the memories out.

But hey, it's almost a decade later, we're a bit more organized this time, and regardless of the outcome, it's for a good cause!

Admission is totally free and first pitch is at 6pm. So join us at TR South on Monday and watch it all unfold for yourself!


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