In what has to be one of the most egregious examples of aggressive driving on the Garden State Parkway that I've ever seen, a car's dashcam caught video of a driver cutting off a school bus and brake checking it, nearly causing a multi-vehicle accident on one of the highway's busiest stretches.

According to the article, police are actively trying to identify the driver involved.

Of course, we don't know what took place before the video picks up the action, and some of those commenting on the article wonder if something happened between the bus and car before the events in the video.

To this, though, I say absolutely not, your argument is invalid.

I don't care if another driver nearly sideswipes you while they're reading a newspaper, drinking a beer, and texting about the whole thing. Nearly causing a multi-car accident that could have swept up scores of innocent victims is never, ever justified.

But especially when a school bus is involved.

The article says that the incident took place on Wednesday morning near Exit 136, a stretch of Parkway that I know all too well for its aggressive drivers, constant congestion, and a near-death experience that's seared into my memory forever.

The story, by the way, notes that it's unclear whether students were on the bus at the time of the incident or not.

Highway justice is not OK, no matter how much another driver may have hurt your feelings.

The #77 New Jersey Dangerous Driver System exists for exactly those purposes.

For their part, the New Jersey State Police say that they are investigating the video to try to identify the driver.


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