Last fall, we told you about the plans to sink the US Coast Guard Cutter Tamaroa, famous for being part of rescue missions during the “Perfect Storm” of 1991, as part of an artificial reef off the coast of Cape May.

Coast Guard Cutter Tamaroa

Yesterday, the ship was sunk at the Del-Jersey-Land Inshore Reef located 26 nautical miles southeast of Cape May.

The reef will be a habitat for a large variety of marine life, starting with barnacles, mussels, and other creatures that will attract small fish, which will then in turn attract larger fish. used a drone to get some awesome overhead shots, and The Sport Fishing Fund got a great close-up video.

Even though my mind knows this is a planned sinking, it's still incredible to see how the ocean just swallows the ship up, then suddenly it's like nothing was ever there.


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