Tomorrow will present what looks to be an all important voting session to make much needed repairs at the Island Heights Elementary School. School officials say despite numerous internal cuts won't be able to hold some shaky conditions inside the school much longer.

Photo by Craig Allen, Townsquare Media
Photo by Craig Allen, Townsquare Media

They are asking to borrow three-million dollars to cover the cost of repairs for a new roof, ventilation system, rest rooms and other needed fix ups.

"What that amounts to for taxpayers is the average assessed property value in Island Heights is about $382,000," said Melissa Wudzki of the Island Heights PTO. "That's a $12-dollar a month tax increase for 21 years."

Wudzki also ensures that this budget proposal increasing the tax for Island Heights residents is purely a "no-thrills budget"

Despite voters in Island Heights saying no to the tax hike last year, another opportunity to stay the course or be convinced awaits them tomorrow.

Wudzki urges people to get out and vote, so the school will be more safe for everyone inside and is asking the public for help.

"When your school budget is $1.9-Million and you have a 2-percent improvement tax, there's not a lot of big fixes you can do with that amount," said Wudzki.

She adds the State has agreed to pay 40-percent of the nearly three million dollar proposal.