When I take a position on something more often than not it’s because I feel like I know enough to state my case for why I feel one way or another.  This is not necessarily one of those instances so take this statement with a grain of salt:

Voting by mail which we are doing in New Jersey and will be a significant part of the November election in general can’t be good.

Okay I said it and I don’t have all that much to back it up except common sense would tell you that this election will likely feature voter fraud like never witnessed before unless you are from Chicago.

Here is how I feel about voting.  It’s a right and everyone has the ability to exercise their right to vote or if they chose not to vote.  However some action must be taken on your part to cast a ballot which for generations has been done by going to the polls on Election Day or casting an absentee ballot if you were not able to.

Now mail-in balloting is not anything new but what is new in New Jersey is that all active, registered voters will be mailed a ballot which is being done according to officials due to the coronavirus pandemic.

There will be some in-person polling places in which voters can cast provisional paper ballots. Your options with the mail-in ballot are to mail them, drop it in one of the many “secure” boxes across the state or bring it to a polling location on Election Day.

Not that in matters in New Jersey where Democrat Joe Biden will win easily but the assumption is mail-in voting will be a boost to Democrats all across the country.

Now again let me be clear that this is not anything really new as five states conduct their elections entirely by mail.  However while all states provide an absentee or mail ballot upon request some require you to provide an excuse for why you have to do so.  This year things are very different with California, Vermont and the District of Columbia joining New Jersey in mailing ballots to all registered voters for the first time.

By the way a friend of mine told me just yesterday he knows how his father is voting because he’s going to fill out the ballot when it arrives with who he wants.

That’s likely to be the case time and time again and one can only imagine how many fraudulent ballots will be cast in this manner including those by voters who are not even alive.

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