Holy upset!

With one school taking my commentary from last week to heart and a former champion getting just barely squeezed out, this year's final round looks to be a true battle to the very last vote!

Brick Memorial clearly didn't like my comment from last week of having, "...been a bridesmaid but never the bride", and the Brick voting bloc showed up in force.

The other big story is the fact that last year's winner, Point Boro is going to be watching from the sidelines after missing out by one single vote.

The spoiler? Toms River South.

2018 Ocean County School Spirit semifinal round voting
2018 Ocean County School Spirit semifinal round voting


It just goes to show, every single vote counts!

Add Manchester Township (2016 winners) into the mix, and ladies & gentlemen, you have your top 3:

For this final round, we're making one adjustment - you can vote twice a day through Sunday (10/28) at midnight.

So be sure to vote, share, and vote again! As we just saw, one vote can make all the difference!


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