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Oh man, to me there is nothing better than a Friday night at a local football game listening to the marching band in their seats playing their hearts out. I love sitting right next to them in the bleachers. That is the BEST school spirit!

I tried to play several instruments as a youth - the clarinet, flute, and the drums. I just couldn't do it. Looking back now, I guess I didn't give it enough time to learn. The marching band always had a little club and I think I secretly always wanted to be a part of it. That's why I would sit next to them in the bleachers. I wanted to be a part of their passion and school spirit.

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We have the "best" marching bands in Ocean County. Even this year with Covid-19, it's not stopping the marching band from performing on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon. They are still in band competition and when I take my daughter to an afterschool activity, I love seeing the marching band practicing in the front of the building.

I love a good competition. Every year I look forward to this "friendly" competition. It's time to vote for the BEST Marching Band in Ocean County. Soon, we'll narrow down this complete list of schools to the TOP 5 and we'll have a final round of voting. Cast your vote now to determine which bands will advance!

Even though we are fighting a pandemic, school spirit hasn't changed. Last year's winner was Brick Township High School. Will they win for two years in a row. Come on Brick Memorial, don't let Brick Township win again.😂😂

Good luck to all the high schools and have fun voting.

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