I've had several friends telling me that they're not doing turkey this year, they're doing Chinese.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

At least once a week we get Chinese food and it never disappoints. We see Christmas movies where the family goes to a Chinese restaurant for their Christmas dinner. It's becoming more and more popular and this year is such a different year. Chinese is easy and fast and you can get it delivered if you don't even feel like going out. It's a great take-out quick Friday night dinner for the family and a great idea for the a holiday dinner.

This week I asked on Facebook for the "best" Chinese food in Ocean County. We had so many different Chinese restaurants I didn't even know about. The most popular ones have made the list and it's your turn to VOTE for your favorite.

In Ocean County, Chinese food is so popular. It's the #2 place to choose a Friday or Saturday night family dinner, next to pizza. And it's funny, when we have people over no matter what, everyone has a "favorite" Chinese restaurant.

Our Chinese restaurant knows what we get when they see our phone number come in, do you think we eat there too much? BBQ boneless spare ribs, pork fried rice, and chicken Lo Mein, and of course, 2 egg rolls.

These are the Top 7 Chinese Restaurants in Ocean County thanks to all your responses on Facebook. It's time to VOTE for the "BEST".


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