Welcome to the March Mascot Extravaganza and your chance to VOTE for the BEST Mascot in Ocean County. I'm so excited about this. I hope you are, too.

It's all about the school spirit in Ocean County and it's amazing. You LOVE our high schools and I LOVE your school spirit. It's time to vote for the BEST Mascot in Ocean County.

Keep scrolling through Ocean County's incredible lineup of high schools and don't forget to vote for your favorite school mascot at the bottom.👇👇 We've made it to the TOP 3 in Ocean County.

The Ocean County High School Line-Up

I realize last year and the beginning of this year is totally different than any other year because of Covid-19, but we never lost our school spirit. It's a time to rally behind our local schools and students.

You might support specific sports or the band, but we all love cheering on our favorite high school and of course, the mascot of the school.

School spirit is ALIVE in Ocean County, and it's time to show off your school spirit. In the FINAL 3 - Toms River South Indians, Central Regional Golden Eagles, and Lacey Lions. GOOD LUCK to all.👏👏👏

We have made it after hundreds of votes to the FINAL 3 in Ocean County. This is it, VOTE NOW!

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