New Jersey gets poked fun at and is the butt of many jokes. We're used to it. However, this video making the rounds has many triggered.

I first found this on my TikTok FYP (for you page.) It probably ended up there because I like to look for trending videos about NJ for Matt's TikTok at 4'oclock, weekdays at 4:25. Most of the TikToks I find are relatable and funny. This one is offensive.


Let's break this down, especially for those who aren't able to listen at the moment. This guy @bdeekay thinks New Jerseyians are "soft" because we don't pump our own gas. The man holding a half-empty bottle of Tito's calls this "disheartening."

He went on to say that he "literally can't wait to not help a New Jerseyian at an out-of-state gas station." I would love to know where this guy is from. Trust me, I tried to find out.

This moron's last statement should speak volumes to his intellect. "If you're from New Jersey and pride yourself [on not pumping your own gas] you're practically a sad person."

So, @bdeekay and any haters out there I say this. The last word I would use to describe people from the state where I was born and raised is "soft." If you believe that, your head is soft. Some of us take pride in not pumping our own gas. It's not like we have a choice. Let's face it, navigating New Jersey roads is not easy. Getting the chance to relax for the five minutes it takes to fill our tanks is a small reward.

Furthermore, many in NJ wish that they could pump their own gas. In many cases, it would speed the process up. Oh, and for anyone outside of New Jersey, most of us do know how to use the pump. But we don't. Be jealous.

Bottom line, we don't pump our own gas because we're afraid of the cold. It's because we legally can't. Now back off! There's a little "Jersey" for you.

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