The roadwork on Route 166 in Toms River is no joke, and it's taking forever. This is getting literally EVERYONE who drives through that area on a daily basis, extremely frustrated. It even caused the closure of the Toms River Car Wash a few months back.

With no end in sight, Corinne Jewelers took matters into their own hands and used their marquee video board to tell everyone what they think about the work. In the videos below you will see the board saying " LONGEST... CONSTRUCTION... PROJECT... EVER..."

They added an update a few days ago and added "12,000,00 FOR THIS?!"

We can't help but laugh at the funny sign right in front of the roadwork, but Corinne Jewelers is 100% correct in my opinion. It's disrupting business and traffic, not to mention that summer is right around the corner along with benny traffic.

THANK YOU Corinne Jewelers for saying what I think we all were thinking!



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