I think if you live in New Jersey you will agree that it costs a lot to drive in the Garden State. We have big bills when it comes to registration and insurance for drivers in New Jersey. According to insure.com, neighboring New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania all pay less for auto insurance than drivers in New Jersey. Now it looks like it will cost a bit more soon to drive in Jersey.


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It's Going To Cost You More To Drive In New Jersey

Under legislation that was passed this week in Trenton, it'll cost you more to drive soon in Jersey and those prices will go up each year for the next 5 years! According to a Patch article, "Legislation that would increase New Jersey's gas tax by nearly 2 cents per gallon and charge electric vehicle owners an annual registration fee passed both houses of the state Legislature on Monday and now heads to Gov. Phil Murphy for his signature."


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So this increase will affect drivers whether they are driving gas-powered, hybrid, or electric vehicles here in the Garden State. The gas tax will be approximately 2 cents a gallon each year for the next 5 years, so 10 cents a gallon by the end of the cycle.


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As for electric vehicle drivers, according to Patch, "owners of zero-emission vehicles to pay an annual $250 registration fee starting in fiscal year 2025. The fee would increase by $10 annually until it reaches $290 in FY 2029."


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