It is not beach season, but fall and winter are beautiful times to visit Jersey Shore beaches. Less crowded and plenty of parking lol but seriously it is a very scenic walk and day trip. If you are going to take a beach hike in fall and winter, simply bundle up.

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This past weekend it seems some folks went for a walk on the beach in Wildwood and had their minds "blown" ...pun intended

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According to a recent Patch article, some folks in Wildwood discovered a historic find on the beach, which they ended up taking home. According to reports Wildwood Police on Saturday responded to a call that someone had found a possible munition.

Around 10 am Saturday morning Wildwood Police and the Atlantic City Police Department Bomb Squad responded to an area of West Pine Avenue in Wildwood.

According to Patch, Police said a munition was identified as a 120mm projectile from the World War II era and found to be a live round.

The munition was taken to the beach and then pronounced safe. Scary stuff because it was "live" and you never know with these things...always contact authorities when spotting something like this.

Some homes were evacuated, but after several hours residents were allowed to return home and all was safe with no problems to report.

Have you ever found something of interest on the beaches around the Jersey Shore? I can't recall ever finding anything of interest, but I see people out with metal detectors looking for items...what have YOU found? we would love to hear your stories, post your comments below.


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