It's a local landmark that's steeped in legend, lore, and rumor. And it could be yours. The "Brick Midget House" is for sale, and our very own late night host Ray Taylor stopped by to check it out and talk to the owners.

Ever since the house was built in the 1960s, rumors have persisted that a family of "little people" were living in Ocean County.

There's only one problem - it's not true.

The house was actually just meant as a playhouse for the original builder's grandkids. Credit where it's due though, when they built it they went all out - wall to wall carpeting, running water, electricity, and even a working fireplace.

Over the years, the house has become a magnet for curious locals and, unfortunately, vandals. Much of the interior is in shambles, windows have been broken, even Hurricane Sandy took a toll on the house.

The current owners, Matt and Anna Jones, realized the monumental task that they would have on their hands to rehabilitate the local landmark, and have decided to test the miniature real estate market.

Although they could be talked into keeping the house where it is now if there was enough interest from locals to fix it up. Earlier today, Mrs. Jones told Ray, “If someone or a group of people want to come over and clean out the house from the damage of the public and Sandy, then I will reconsider keeping the house.”

So what do you think, would you buy the legendary "Brick Midget House"? Do you think it should be kept where it is to keep it as a fun local landmark? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!