I don't open the door to strangers.  This past weekend I ignored two people who came to my house.  To the first one, I yelled that I would not be answering.  To the second one, I said nothing.  He or she left some campaign materials on my door.  That's fine with me.  I'm generally open to people's messages.  I just don't want to be disturbed at home.  Just like Caller ID gives us the ability to ignore telemarketing calls; I reserve the right to ignore people who show up uninvited.  You do too.

But this means I'm knowingly going against something my friend has been doing.  She and her husband have been out canvassing for their favorite political candidates.  I give them credit for believing so strongly in the candidates, and feeling they have the power to influence voters.   She said the canvassing experience, for the most part, has been positive.  She has been energized, though tired at the end of the day.  She's enjoyed the mostly friendly conversations she's had with neighborhood voters.  And she wasn't discouraged too badly by the residents who told her they'll be voting for the opponent.  I really respect for committing a lot of time and energy to canvassing.  And I feel a bit badly knowing that she probably "wasted" some time and energy showing up at doors that would not get opened due to "No Solicitor" house rules.

I'm just curious how you feel about people who come to your door to talk politics.  Do you open the door and chat?  Do you just accept the brochure or whatever they're handing out?  Or do you just ignore them and not even answer the door?  If you're not a fan of solicitors, you might want to know some New Jersey towns have "No Knock" ordinances.  Check with your municipality to see if you can get an application for its "No Knock" registry.



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