Two students, two schools and in two days were there threats made against schools in Evesham Township.

Police arrested a 12-year old middle school student Friday after they sent a 'snapchat' message to another student discussing his desire to "plan a school shooting".

The recipient told his parents who informed police.

School Resource Officers along with Evesham Detectives and school officials worked quickly to identify the suspect and immediately found him at his home.

He's been charged with making a threat to be involved in a school shooting in Evesham Township.

The suspect was taken into custody and charged with Terroristic Threats and False Public Alarms.

On Wednesday, a 15-year old high school student was arrested after he did the same thing threatening Cherokee High School on snapchat.

The teenager sent the message on snapchat to another student about his desire to "shoot up the school."

The recipient immediately told their parents and school officials.

School Resource Officers, along with Evesham Detectives and school personnel, worked quickly to identify this suspect, who was immediately taken into custody and admitted to the threat.

He was charged with Terroristic Threats and False Public Alarms.

"We always take any kinds of threats against our schools very seriously," Chief Chew said. "I am proud of the amount of passion and energy that our officers and detectives displayed in working together with the school staff to uncover the source of the threats and make sure any potential danger to our students and school staff was immediately neutralized."

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