There have been two kinds of grinches this month, one such 'grinch' was "arrested" for trying to stealing Christmas Trees in Stafford Township but over the weekend two real life grinches were caught on surveillance stealing Christmas Trees from outside the Silverton Volunteer Fire Company in Toms River.

The SVFC issued an announcement releasing surveillance photos of the robbery that occurred on Friday night around 7:00 pm.

One of the Christmas Trees stolen was supposed to be going to a family who already paid for it.

Two men steal Christmas Trees outside Silverton Volunteer Fire Grove. (Bob Sinnott, Silverton Volunteer Fire Company Chief)

The alleged thieves took a look at the tree sales tags which had the name of the family supposed to be getting the tree as well as the delivery date on it.

The two men stole the trees and put them in the back seat of their car before driving off.

Silverton Volunteer Fire Company officials reported the incident to Toms River Police and ask anyone with information on the incident to contact Tom Fischer, Sean Walker, send them a Facebook message or contact Toms River Police.

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