Who can forget this amazing video of a great white shark chowing down on a Toms River fisherman's bait back in the summer?

Of course, we know that great white sharks have been frequent visitors to the waters off the Jersey Shore for quite some time.

We all remember Mary Lee, who became our very own celebrity shark a few years ago.

While Mary Lee hasn't been spotted since 2017, a pair of fellow great whites have been pinged by OCEARCH in just the last 3 days.

This past Saturday, October 19th, a huge, nearly 15-foot-long adult male weighing in at a scale-tipping 1,325 pounds named Murdoch was recorded in the waters just east of Brick Township.

And just this morning (Monday, October 21st) 10 foot 2 inch long Miss May was spotted even closer to the shore, between Beach Haven and Brigantine.

The cool thing about the OCEARCH website is that you can track your favorite shark and see where they've traveled.

Miss May, for example, has been recorded as far north as the waters off of Massachusetts and as far south as West Palm Beach, FL (an aquatic snowbird, I suppose).

You can click here for the OCEARCH map and keep tabs on who's been hanging out off the Jersey Shore.


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