Two Neptune men await court processing following narcotics raids at their homes that investigators say yielded heroin, cocaine, prescription meds, steroids and more.

Lovester Wright, 39, was apprehended following a warrant search at 707 Tide place. Investigators seized more than a half-ounce each of powder and crack cocaine, and a prescription drug known as clonazepam.

A second search at 704 Doris Avenue resulted in the apprehension of Keith Collins, 38, and the recovery of more than a half-ounce of heroin, plus cocaine, methamphetamines, anabolic steroids and packaging material.

Wright is charged with two second-degree counts of possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, and three third-degree possession counts. He is being held in the Monmouth County Correctional Institution in Freehold, with bail set at $200,00 and no option for release on payment of 10 percent.

Collins faces a first-degree charge of maintaining a controlled dangerous substance production facility, a second-degree charge of possession of heroin with intent to distribute, three third-degree counts of pssession with intent to distribute controlled dangerous substances, and four third-degree possession counts. His bail in Freehold was set at $480,000 with no 10-percent option.

The arrests ensue from what authorities say is a two-month-old probe into drug activity in Monmouth County.