Of all the TV shows you watch during the week, think of how many have studio audiences.  Have you ever wondered where all those people come from?  Have you ever dreamt of being in the audience, seeing your favorite hosts and actors in person? 

TV production companies rely on regular folks like us to fill those seats, to look interested, to relate, and to laugh.  Because the shows need people in the audience, they make it quite easy to get tickets!  A website submission form or quick phone call is usually all it takes to put in a request.  You may have to wait a year or so for popular shows like Saturday Night Live, but for most daytime talk shows, a couple months’ notice is all it takes.  And did I mention the tickets are FREE?

If you tune in to The Nate Berkus Show this Thursday, you just might see me in the audience.  My sister and friends, well warmed-up by the in-house comedienne, were happy to smile, laugh, oooh and aaah at appropriate times during the taping.  The cameras worked their way through the studio, capturing the reactions of the crowd and documenting the positive energy that filled the room.

The long amount of waiting time passed quickly as we enjoyed a rare “girls’ day out.”  We got away from our routines and chores, trekked into Manhattan which in and of itself is always a treat, and enjoyed a day that we’ll never forget.  To celebrate my sister’s “half century” birthday, I wanted to give her an “experience,” not just a “thing.”  A few exciting hours in the TV studio proved to be a perfect fit, better than any sweater I could have bought her.

But speaking of “things”, a bonus of our audience participation was that we received a gift bag filled with some very nice items.  Find out exactly what by tuning in Thursday!  Judging from the way my heart was racing, the holiday gift idea segment felt like a mini version of Oprah’s Favorite Things.  For the “things” and the “experience” I am thankful.

For information about how you can request tickets to some shows taped in NYC, visit http://www.nycgo.com/articles/tv-show-tapings

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