It was one of the most poignant and memorable stories to come in the wake of Hurricane Sandy - the story of Mike Iann, the "Miracle Survivor". We were the first to bring you the original story of Mike, and the note that he left to say goodbye when he thought that the storm would overpower him. Coming up next week, his story will be the focus of a TV special.

On Monday night at 9, The Weather Channel will premiere "Hurricane 360: Horror on the Jersey Shore".

It was a pretty interesting experience to be a part of the production of the show. Funny enough, after a year and a half, many conversations over the phone, email, and text, it was actually the first time that I met Mike in person. It was also my first time stepping foot in the house that almost took his life.

So set your DVRs or make yourself a reminder, it should be a powerful TV special coming up on Monday at 9. Check your local listings for The Weather Channel.





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