Hurricane Sandy

5 Scary Signs of Climate Change at the Jersey Shore
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Well, today is Earth Day, and I would personally like to thank the Earth for putting up with me for 20 years. I think all of us can agree that we really take our planet for granted...
Ocean County Towns Fill List Of Those Losing Population
A few weeks ago, we told you how Lakewood is the fastest growing town in all of New Jersey. Today, we have a much more startling story as we dig into a different study - the sheer number of Ocean County communities that have made the list of the towns most quickly losing people.
Toms River Teachers Ghost Book
An autumn whirlwind came to Tommy and Suzie's town bringing with it a new friend, who would teach them the true spirit of caring, sharing, and the joy of the Halloween season! This story follows the adventures of the twins Tommy and Suzie in the days before Halloween.

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