I don’t know about you but true milestone birthdays are ones that result in you getting your driver’s license and then being able to legally drink in a bar or restaurant.

After that they are more likes ones that have some negative aspect to them although people will remind you it beats the alternative.  30, 40, 50 and 60 all come with a mixture of celebration and depression as you move into an age group that makes you at times think back more than ahead.

I say this after “celebrating” a milestone birthday that frankly I didn’t even think of as one until I was reminded time and time again.  If you follow me on social media than you likely know that yesterday was my 65th birthday and no doubt my family made it a special one for which I am truly appreciative.

As to what is special about #65 I guess the big reason is you reach Medicare eligibility which I didn’t really find as something to celebrate because the list of “I’m not thrilled to be this age” reasons are far longer than that one perk of so-called “advanced age.”

I tend to be a very nostalgic person and I have spent far more time thinking about the past than the present and future which is probably not a good thing.  At times it seems like it was yesterday I was growing up in Seaside Heights, hanging out at The Sweet Shoppe on the boulevard which was also a bus stop for those of us who went to Central Regional.  I remember my first day at WOBM in 1979 and my first date with my wife Jane just a few months later very clearly but can’t remember things from two days ago.

I know how we say 40 is the new 30 and 60 is the new 50 and so on but even an optimist knows that 65 is like standing on the tee at the 15th hole. If you’ve had a bad round it’s likely too late to make it a good one but if you’ve had a good round there’s plenty of time to screw it up.

When I was young anyone who was 65 was very old in my mind and I could not imagine being that age.  Well I am and in truth I do have a lot to be thankful for so to those who took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday please know I read every Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn post and appreciate your words and wishes even the sarcastic ones.

Here’s hoping I get to talk about my age again when I turn 66 .

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