In full disclosure I’m a half-empty guy and those I work with would wholeheartedly agree.

Part of it is an act, just my way of coming off as a grump even though down deep I’m not.  Now my co-workers would be laughing!

While I hate it when summer ends I do find much consolation in what comes after.  Crisp fall weather, high school football on Fridays, college football on Saturdays and the NFL on Sunday.  Plus you have Thanksgiving and Christmas and for 36 years the WOBM Christmas Classic which as you likely know is cancelled for this year.

Notice how I did not include Halloween which I have no love for except seeing little kids dressed cutely. After all it is a kid’s day and one adults should stay away from.  Yes that is a grumpy statement.

So with that said I find myself like many of you in a daily grind in which the goal is to simply get through each day.  We are surrounded by so much negativity it’s becoming increasingly hard to simply ignore that and bounce around with a smile on your face.

For those of you with children at home that presents an even bigger problem because you want them to believe that better days are ahead when in truth none of us knows what the future will bring, at least the immediate future.

I hear people on a daily basis who believe that once Election Day has passed everything will get better although I guess most who believe that have a strong opinion of who the next president will be and hope it’s their guy.  Frankly I don’t believe that unless we can bring back Abe Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin or Teddy Roosevelt or John F. Kennedy.  Neither of our choices have me believing there is going to be some kind of fast turnaround.

Bottom line for me is that dramatic change is not coming on November 4th and the malaise that is setting in will become even harder to get rid of.  I hope I’m wrong and sometime soon can lift a glass that is half full.



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