TRENTON — A man whose body was was found by friends on the side of a road a day after cops found his crashed motorcycle could have survived if cops had done a more thorough search, his daughter claims in a lawsuit.

Paul Corelli, 45, crashed on Nov. 22, 2016, when he was riding home in the area of Route 29 and the Route 1 bridge, according to the lawsuit. While his motorcycle was recovered at the scene, Corelli was not found by officers.

The man's friends said they were concerned when he did not come home and did not answer his phone, according to the lawsuit. A group of friends went to the area of the crash the following day, eventually locating his body near Rho Restaurant. Upon finding Corelli, his friends called 911, but by that point the man was already dead.

The lawsuit claims that the Trenton Police Department "owed a duty" to the man to search for him when his motorcycle was found, and "breached its duty" by not finding him in time to save his life. The lawsuit also claims that because he was not found and eventually died from his injuries, the family incurred expenses, including paying for his funeral.

According to his obituary, Corelli was a lifelong resident of Hamilton, where his daughter lives. He graduated from Steinert High School in 1989.

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