On May 16, four traffic signals begin guiding traffic near Garden State Parkway Interchange 91 in Brick Township. They're among the finishing touches of the newly-restructured entrance and exit ramps for the toll roads southbound lanes.

Interchange 91 reconfiguration diagram (Brick Township PD
Interchange 91 reconfiguration diagram (Brick Township PD

The reconfiguration is part of the $330,000,000 widening and shoulder restoration that has roots back in 2013, when Ocean County officials issued a request for proposals.

It means new driving patterns and construction workers milling about, so township police ask you to look sharp. And, they'll be there to guide you through the changes.

Signals will be activated on Lanes Mill Road, at the junctions of Stephan Road and the Herborn Avenue extension, Burnt Tavern Road at Herborn Avenue, and the Burnt Tavern-Lanes Mill-Parkway ramp.

Originally planned as a two-year project, the reconfiguration abruptly stopped in 2016, part of 900 projects that halted during the leanest days of the Transportation Trust Fund, which New Jersey voters restored with a 23-cent hike in the state gasoliine tax.

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